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Frosted glass doors - Sliding door set
Frosted glass door - hinged door set
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Frosted Glass doors - tall hinged door set

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Frosted glass doors are always a good idea when it comes to the combination between transparency and privacy. Despite of its opacity, this type of doors brings daylight into your home, giving the result of openness, whereas it can be easily used for a private space, which makes it suitable for any kind of room in the house. This German quality glass doors are supplied as hinged, sliding, pocket and swing, therefore everything is possible with this type of doors.

The opaque glass doors also have the quality to visually separate the space in your room, for people who want to create interesting effects in their homes. Also, these doors are perfect for any type of space, including offices, bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchens or living rooms.

Depending on the chosen design, the frosted glass doors can match any house styles, as they highlight any interior design around them. More then that, all our internal frosted glass doors are made to measure and they can be manufactured up to 1600 mm wide and 2700 mm tall with a glass thickness starting from 8 mm.

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These German bespoke doors can be produced as (click on link for photos):

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