Wave Type 8 Glass Doors

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First of all, our Wave Type 8 Glass Doors have a minimalist and calming design that brings your house the balance that it needs. Moreover, the symmetric pattern is very relaxing to look at and it can match any decor of the house. You can also choose a clear glass surface with a frosted glass design, or a frosted glass with a clear glass design, depending on how personal the room is.

Secondly, Wave Type 8 design is made of toughened glass, which is reliable and long lasting. The client can also choose the favourite type of door from our range: hinged, swing, pocket or sliding. Finally, our doors are made to measure and this design can be manufactured up to 1600 mm wide and 2500 mm high.

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Our bespoke Wave Type 8 Glass design can be produced with the following features:

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Wave type 8 Glass Doors

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 Fitted Projects – Wave type 8 Glass Design

Frame Installation
White Frame for Double Doors
Frame Installation
White Frame for Glass Doors
White Frame for Double Doors
White Frame with Architrave for Glass Doors
Hinged Double Doors
Wave Type 8 Bespoke Glass Design
Internal Glass Doors
Double Doors for Living Room
Glass Double Doors
Double Doors - Both Active

Sliding Doors – Bespoke Door Designs

Glass Hinged Doors – Bespoke Door Designs

Glass Swing Frame-less Doors – Bespoke Door Designs