Norma Glass Doors

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This is another minimalist design with a vertical band of glass, which can be clear or frosted, depending on the finish you want for your door. Our Norma Glass doors perfectly completes the decor of the house by reflecting all the colours and shapes.

Giving that it is a glass door, it helps you have bright rooms thanks to the easy transfer of natural light between the connected rooms.

Thinking about privacy, if the room for which you want this door is personal, you have the option to choose a frosted glass door with a clear design. Also, depending on your needs and preferences, the door can be pocket, hinged, sliding or swing. This design is made to measure and it can be manufactured in sizes up to 1600 mm wide and 2500 mm high.

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Our German bespoke Norma Glass doors can also be produced with the following characteristics:

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Norma Glass Doors

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