Specialist Doors

Specialist Doors – Soundproof, Smoke Proof and Moisture Resistant Doors

Interior Glass Doors and Door Sets with Bespoke Designs and Sizes

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Depending on the needs you have, our internal German doors can have any features required. The soundproof doors are ideal for a house in a noisy area, but also for more privacy in the room. This type of doors has a drop down threshold mechanism, which seals the bottom of the door. Also, these doors can have a supplementary soundproofing element – a self-closing mechanism.

For wet rooms such as saunas, swimming pools or just home bathrooms, we offer moisture resistance doors. These doors have the quality keep diverse temperatures and humidity levels. Moreover, the moisture-proof doors are suitable for rooms with the level of humidity up to 100% and where they might come into contact with spray, condensation or dripping water.

The smoke proof feature can now be added to your door as an additional safety element in case of fire. A self-closing mechanism is necessary for this type of door. It is a door closer with hydraulic damping, which is fitted with a bolt hole in the door. Another useful element for smoke proofing is the drop down threshold because it helps with sealing the door.


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