Steel Art Glass Door Designs

Steel Art Glass Door Designs – More Light and Brightness in any Room

The average lead time for Steel Art Glass Doors is between 6 to 10 weeks since the order is placed

Custom sizes available for hinged, sliding, pocket and swing basic glass doors

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The Steel Art Glass Doors collection presents a beautiful range of designs that bring your rooms a sense of elegance. The special stainless steel inserts give brightness to the doors and make them individual. You can either choose a clear or frosted surface, depending on the level of intimacy desired for the room.

These minimalist and stylish designs are produced from toughened glass that is resilient to heavy impacts, which makes the doors secure and lifelong. Moreover, the type of any design can be hinged, swing, sliding or pocket and the maximum dimensions in which they can be manufactured are 1600 mm wide and 2500 mm high.

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Steel Art Glass Doors - Internal Glass doors from Glass4UK

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