Key work: Attend, speak and present at conferences, workshops and other events. The IAU has today published the document Springboard to Action, which outlines concrete actions that can be taken by individuals, national members, and national organisations to improve equity, inclusion and diversity in Astronomy. diversity, equity and inclusion of the community. This isn’t Diversity 101. Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) are—and declaratively need to be—more than just words or a PR campaign. Varicent is … 208 264 15. 2072 2487 402. Jul 10, 2018 - Explore 3 Things Consulting's board "Equality, Diversity and Inclusion" on Pinterest. Tag Office of Academic Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. • Highlight UMass Boston’s diverse population and diversity- Participate on local and national committees and boards. Diversity and inclusion are often treated as a single initiative owned exclusively by HR. Nonprofit organizations use these words as they strive to become more diverse, yet many leaders are uncertain about the steps needed to turn dialogue – and intention – into action. In P&G’s 2011/2012 Diversity & Inclusion Annual Report, Chairman and CEO Bob McDonald links P&G’s mission”to touch and improve lives, now and for generations to come”to innovation and diversity and inclusion. ~Mahatma Gandhi. This group is not intended as “Diversity 101” training. ProInspire’s work to develop leaders at all levels for the social sector has shown us that for many organizations, the desire to Announcement 7/6/2017; Albums. I doubt Option No. But while over 90% of people in the U.S. celebrate Christmas, with over two-thirds having somewhat or strongly religious observances, it’s important to recognize—especially in the workplace—that there are non-Christian festivities also taking place at this … Diversity Equality. Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion 101 DIVERSITY. Integration. For over two years now, our organization has been on a journey to more deeply understand the ways in which diversity, equity, and inclusion play out in our work, both in regard to our internal culture and practices and … The Airport’s Office of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion has created Employee Resource Groups to drive a culture of inclusion and diversity. How you choose to use it is totally up to you. Employee Resource Groups. Awards. Updated:Looking for Images that Reflect Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: Ask the Community Contributed by Heather Blicher, Assistant Professor and eLearning Librarian, Southern New Hampshire University. Each year, Announcements. along with a wide variety of institutions in the U.S. and elsewhere, to re-examine diversity, equity, and inclusion within their organizations. Christine Julien, August 2020 Assistant Dean for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Related Images: people collaboration group together team population community teamwork cooperation diversity. The data show a severe lack of people of color—especially disadvantaged minorities—and women managing private capital Donut helps create a culture of diversity, equity, and inclusion by making it easy to widen supportive networks and prompt educational conversations that turn empathy into action. an equity as part of their compensation… they have something that appreciates. Girl Face Colorful. 2542 2423 327. Cultural Diversity Quotes. So if you need some inspiration and motivation, here are 15 great diversity and inclusion quotes. diversity, equity, and inclusion work in greater Boston community and nationally. The publication recognizes a diverse group of faculty, staff, and students who are committed to advancing a culture of inclusive excellence at Georgia Tech and who have distinguished themselves in their research, teaching, and service. “When we listen and celebrate what is both common and different, we become wiser, more inclusive, and better as an organization.” Throughout American history, language and images have shaped public opinion in overt, subtle, and divisive ways, projecting negative portrayals of Black people and other racial groups. Out@ SFO This group is representative of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Intersex, Ally (LGBTQIA+) employees at SFO. Related Article: 15 Activities Of Diversity And Inclusion In The Workplace. Equality And Diversity. The remainder of this report provides details and data related to these efforts and serves as a framework and benchmark for our continuous efforts to improve. René Girard. Social Justice Quotes. Equity & Inclusion Group Ground Rules Adapted from UT Astronomy E&I Discussion Group Ground Rules by Caitlin Casey, Brandon Bozek, and Raquel Martinez. About. ... Customize it with images, large headings, and a dramatic color scheme. How It Works. Google is committed to continuing to make diversity, equity, and inclusion part of everything we do—from how we build our products to how we build our workforce. It’s 2019, and We are Still Talking about Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion. Investiture of Dr. Lisa C. Freeman 118; Campus 7123; Events 12914; LinkedIn Photobooths 2088; Colleges and Divisions 35992; Portraits 9281; 67455 photos. Don’t delegate diversity, equity, and inclusion work. Applicants have no idea what constitutes “good” commentary on diversity, equity, and inclusion. They are an integral part of a resilient, inclusive Crisis Ready® Culture. In the wake of major social and political changes over the past decades, leading companies are taking steps to increase diversity, equity, and inclusion. LGBT Diversity and Inclusion in Early Years Education will support practitioners in thinking about LGBT issues in relation to their early years practice. Dr. Joseph T. Taylor Diversity, equity, inclusion. DoDD1020.02, Diversity Management and Equal Opportunity in the DoD –June 1, 2018 ODEI DoD Instructions (DoDIs) DoDI1020.05 –Diversity and Inclusion Management Program –September 9, 2020 We hope you enjoyed this equality and diversity quiz. 56 47 12. 1091 1128 184. For further information and data on equality and diversity in the UK, visit the human rights website. In the past few years, we’ve doubled in size—today, we have more than 100,000 employees in 170 cities spanning nearly 60 countries. Google is growing to fulfill that vision. Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Science and Technology: Action Grid The below grid represents a collection of key actions and corresponding sample strategies on how to promote diversity and inclusion in science and technology workforces. Rusty Hill/Getty Images Leer en español. Building and maintaining a diverse workforce leads to better business outcomes—increased cash flow, innovation, readiness for change, and more. See more ideas about Diversity, Equality, Inclusion. If you belong to an organisation or company, perhaps this short quiz has highlighted facts that you were not aware of, methods you could adopt to improve your organisation? 1 is the problem since our DEI prompts are pretty straightforward. Here are five diversity and inclusion quotes to spark ideas and drive your DEI efforts: 1. 27 21 7. 1. Hand United Together. 1,136 Free images of Diversity. Diversity refers to having a range of people across gender identities, racial backgrounds, geographic locations, socioeconomic backgrounds, ages, ability, sexual orientation, and other characteristics represented and participating in a … Mission, Vision & Goals; School and Unit Diversity Planning; IUPUI Diversity Plan (2016-2021) Task Forces; Success & Recognition. Inclusion. Discover more modern infographic templates on Venngage. Check out 10 Benefits of having workplace diversity: (Image Source) Here are 40 Diversity and Inclusion Quotes to inspire a stronger company culture: 1. Ball Round Alone. Introduce teammates for conversations that promote justice and collective growth. The celebration, commotion, and commercialism surrounding Christmas can normally preoccupy many during the holiday season. As we’ve seen in this diversity and inclusion series on Envato Tuts+, there are many powerful benefits of diversity in the workplace. Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) are essential components to create and maintain a successful workplace where people from every community can thrive. Our ability to reach unity in diversity will be the beauty and the test of our civilization. Diversity and Inclusion in the Early Years: Lgbt Diversity and Inclusion in Early Years Education (Paperback) Children and families come in all shapes and sizes, as do members of staff. Diversity. Our Diversity and Inclusion Council combats discrimination and promotes respect, inclusion, opportunity, and community in our workplace. Diversity, equity, and inclusion is everyone’s job. DIETRICH COLLEGE DIVERSITY, EQUITY AND INCLUSION PLAN 3 Real progress has been made in appointing more women into department head2 and college leadership3 roles, although much more work remains as we strive to hire, promote and retain more women in faculty and staff positions. The words and images we use matter. Equity. These groups are voluntary and employee-led. Take responsibility for your own learning. These words and the issues they point to loom large in tech. Specials. Workplace Team. Faces of Inclusive Excellence. 2. When done purposefully, a culture built on DEI provides us with a framework for building more resilient, inclusive But actually creating a diverse, inclusive business is easier said than done. 84 53 35. Institute Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion is proud to publish . Images throughout P&G’s website connect the company and its … It’s hard to go a week without reading an article about a company touting its dedication to diversity, while another is called out for tolerating oppressive comments and workplace practices. The Council is comprised of four parts: messaging and metrics, attraction and recruitment, inclusion and retention, community and partnerships.” Each of those four teams had their own focus area and leader.

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