... Best tool for OMega bracelet spring removal is the BERGEON 6767-F Options. Reasons to Remove a Bracelet. The OMEGA team is available from 8am to 6pm EST, Monday to Friday. The Friday before last my Seamaster clasp failed and started popping open randomly -one of the buttons was complete mush and the other button held but if I touched it slightly the clasp would open up. Posts 2,092 Likes I have a spring release tool, but it's incredibly difficult, haven't been able to do it yet. Thanks Options. Originally intended to replace the “Bond” bracelet on almost all models, OMEGA’s USA and South American distributors rejected the change, so in those areas, the existing Seamaster bracelet link style was still available and usually the default choice on most models. See below for instructions on switching the pins in the tool. Is there some special, unique tool to remove the bracelet on the Seamaster? Then, if you are sizing an Omega bracelet, switch the pin in the tool to the longer pin to continue pushing out the bracelet pin. 1479 bracelet: The ref.1479 bracelet hasn't been very long in use by Omega, but it is becoming one of the more populair bracelets in this row. If your having sizing problems, just count the full and half links (if any) in your bracelet, find your size and adjust accordingly: Half-link = 4.1mm Full link = 9.2mm Seamaster Bracelet Sizes (in millimeters) for bracelet no. 1-800-766-6342. This corresponds with a crimp in ONE end of the pin. Watches are supplied on either a metal bracelet, a leather strap or a rubber strap. Copy link to this post; wsfarrell Aug 23, 2019. The bracelet illistrated below is from an Omega Seamaster. Phone: 18007666342. When you insert the pin back into the bracelet, aligning the holes, make sure the crimp end of the pin goes in last. And also, anywhere I can buy a screwdriver to remove myself the screws on my Omega Seamaster 300-2018. Call 1503/825, for ref. ... As long as a person knows how to remove links from a watch, he can re-size it. Anyone who owns an Omega Seamaster or Speedmaster with the two-button clasp knows that it’s a fantastic clasp, but also knows that it shows scratches very easily. The ones I bought are scratching the screws. Hi All, Daft question, but I have a Seamaster Professional 2531.80, and I cant seem to work out how to open the extended part of the bracelet. It has the nice polished links and ends at a decent width at the clasp. By: John B. Holbrook, II. I want to be able to switch it with the Hirsch Carbon band. Posts 194 Likes 390. 2220.80.00 & 2531.80.00 13 full = 119.6 12 full + two halfs = 118.6 11 full + four halfs = 117.6 Just a small enquiry regarding the bracelet links removal: are the little links by the clasp removable? I know the Seamaster clasps were like 150 bucks so I … The bracelet illistrated below is from an Omega Seamaster Notice it is has a notch close to each end. Not the regular open using the buttons, but the other end that is used to enable it to be worn with a wet suit (or whatever else) An Omega watch is one of the more expensive watches made. SMP with Bond style bracelet. Sometimes it’s nice to swap between straps and bracelets to suit different use situations or just to give the watch a different look. When sizing a bracelet use the short pin on the tool to "break" the pin in the bracelet free. Ok, I will take the heat for being a dimwit here but can someone point me to directions regarding removing the bracelet? Ref. Removing Scratches From An Omega Seamaster Clasp. Take one end of the bracelet off of the connection at the watch face. Swapping/removing bracelet from Seamaster 300 60th Anniversary LE pennsyl936 Jul 2, 2018. However, the watch can only look its best if it is sized properly. In the center section, there is a locking sleeve. The newer bracelets all have a 18mm (1498/1499) or 20mm (1998) clasp. Thanks. Biggest surprise was OMEGA adding a new style bracelet. December 16, 2006.

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