The Butter Stick might be the best representation of a solid fiberglass rod from the first time glass was cool. ... 7-6 4wt and the 7 3wt The 5wt is a great all around rod with lots of backbone my favorite rod of the bunch is the 3wt Redington Trace Fly Rod. Best 3wt reel for a Butter Stick? Joseph Elias (Pennsylvania) | March 5th, 2020. Cameron wrote:Second, as far as the blank source, it is undoubtedly China. butter-stick. Coming in at only $249 with Redington's life time warranty it's a no-brainer. Built using T-Glass … One of them is the 6' 3WT (original yellow) but I'm not too interested in parting with it (sorry). The redesigned Butter Stick II is perfect for just that. You'll also be the first to know about new arrivals, exclusive offers, and events, Email confirmation and promo code will be sent to your email address. You‰۪ve never had this much fun with a fly rod in your hand! Redington 880-3 Butter Stick Rod W/tube 8wt 80 3pc. Today, I’m writing that you should buy the new Redington Butter Stick based solely upon my experience fishing with the rod for a few weeks.. That might be enough for you. Zero reels are beautiful in their simplicity and design, yet are also incredibly durable. The Butter Stick from Redington ($250) is a high-modulus fiberglass rod that just screams “old days” right down to its yellow-orange color. $249.99. REDINGTON BUTTER STICK 370-3 FLY ROD OUTFIT : 3WT, 7'0". I got my hands on the 2-weight version of the Butter Stick late last summer, and it … I have a couple of butter sticks and do enjoy fishing them all. Redington Butter Stick II Fly Rod 370-3 7'0" 3wt 3pc. Redington 370-3 Butter Stick Rod W/tube 3wt 70 3pc. We love the new look Butter Stick's white blank with blank and orange accents. The Zero balances perfectly with today's ultra-light small stream rods. Size: 3WT 7'0". The Cabelas fiberglass CGT is is about $100 less than than the Butter Stick, but weighs almost 3 oz. A month ago, I wrote that I wanted to buy the new Redington Butter Stick based solely upon the marketing. Redington Butter Stick has been a longtime favorite of Lost Coast Outfitters. The cork is perfect and the action is supreme. Perfect for mountain creeks or meadow streams, and a blast to cast when dry fly fishing. C $368.57. The modern fiberglass design produces incredible line feel, yet has a surprising amount of strength to reach fish further out than you thought possible. Echo Carbon XL Euro Nymph 3100-4 Fly Rod - 10' - 3wt - 4pc - NEW. Money well spent. From United States. Redington’s Butter Stick was dubbed the “rod with the most appropriate name” by our team. Redington is well known for producing high quality, performance fly rods that feel and fish like high-end rods costing hundreds of dollars more, at value prices that are accessible to any angler. Redington Butterstick 370-3 Fly Rod : 3wt 7'0", Durable cordura rod tube with built in rod dividers, Backed by the Redington Lifetime Warranty. Redington Butter Stick Fly Rod Outfits include the Redington Butter Stick Fly Rod, Redington Zero Fly Reel, RIO Lightline WF Fly Line, backing, tapered leader, and a Redington rod tube storage case. Looking to buy a ~7' glass 3wt rod for the upcoming season. Redington Zero Fly Reels set a new standard for lightweight performance and affordability as the lightest reel in its class. Brand New. $289.99 + shipping . The modern, high modulus fiberglass telegraphs every head shake when that small brookie smashes your fly! THE ROD: Redington Butter Stick II. Free shipping . Does anybody have experience with either of these that could offer some advice? This little 3wt makes the most delicate dry fly presentations and is a blast to nymph small pocket water. I just bought a Redington Butter Stick glass rod brand new from Little River Outfitters in Townsend, Tennessee. The retro look with the super supple feel of the rod. All Redington Butter Stick fly rods are 3 piece models and include a hard cordura covered rod tube. It is a nice rod with a full flex action, 3 piece, 8 feet, and for a 5 weight line. I’ve been interested in fishing a glass setup for a longtime, and finally pulled the trigger. Excludes all Sale Items and Sage products, May exclude other manufacturers, Chris Bickel (Baltimore) | July 7th, 2020. 7ft 6in 4wt 3pc (476-3) The 476-3 has become the go-to rod in the BUTTER STICK family. $189.99. C $329.07. Trump Ipsum is calling for a total and complete shutdown of Muslim text entering your website. This is a great click reel for any light fly rod 5wt and under. Redington Butter Stick Fly Fishing Rod - For those who prefer the fiberglass technology in their fishing rods, the Butterstick delivers a rod with enough flex for delicate presentations and the strength to get out at a distance. This is the god of all rods. Redington utilizes pressure die-cast technology to produce this incredibly lightweight design. Rod feels great. $299.95 + shipping . You'll also be the first to know about new arrivals, exclusive offers, and events, Email confirmation and promo code will be sent to your email address. If you're going to pick one of these bad boys up, I'd suggest getting a model one size smaller than you were planning on. Top Rated Seller Top Rated Seller. Brand New. The rich yellow Butter Stick features a slick, smooth casting action and, thanks to its soft tip flex, a soft presentation on the water. Slow action; T-Glass construction built on our Heritage Taper, a traditional fiberglass taper providing a classic glass feel The 260-3 is the quintessential blue-lining trout tool. Brand Name: Redington. The most common comparison I hear is the Butter Stick vs. the Eagle Claw Featherlight. It's been serving me wonders since. The Redington Butter Stick 370-3 is such a sweet and smooth casting rod, that it lives up to it‰۪s super cool name, and it casts like, well‰۟ butter.

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