The first two are typical trucks with guns mounted on them, but the last two AMX designs provide powerful guns for combating aircraft, as well as radars to more easily target and destroy enemy aerial threats. The ZiS-30is a Rank II Russian tank destroyer with a battle rating of 2.7 (AB) and 2.3 (RB/SB). Starters: By Rank III, more powerful armaments such as the 85 mm are available that can make short work of many tanks, but the presence of more powerful enemy tanks, while Russian tanks are still using the same armour as Rank II, mean that enemies will have an easier time knocking out Russian tanks. These are weak spots and are much weaker than the frontal hull. First thing’s first, at the top of the screen click over the “To Battle” button to bring up the mode selection window, and select Tank Battles, then click “Army” in the bottom left corner of the screen to switch from planes to tanks. Without further ado, here's a general "doctrine" on how each tank type are to perform on the battlefield. One side is the super-heavy tanks such as the Maus tank that brings all 188 tons of armour into battle with good gun and poor mobility. However, firepower on these tank destroyers are often of a league of the next rank's equivalent, such as the Rank III Nashorn being equipped with an 88 mm cannon that does not begin to appear on tanks until the next rank up. But all of these tanks can destroy a Tiger 2P in one shot. Armour on the cruiser tanks are at a minimum to keep speed, but will improve as you move down the rank. Rank III Italians begin using American medium tanks, though with a boost by enhancing the firepower with a better gun. Another important half of Italian tank tree revolves around wheeled armoured cars. Use the heavy tanks sparingly, stand back a certain distance from an enemy strong point and blast at the stranglers, with the distance empowering your armour as the enemy's shells may not have enough energy to penetrate your armour after traveling a distance. Here we detail the typical usage of each vehicle type in a battle. Yeah, Russia is very easy to play. Yes, ALL of them. This mix in characteristics make the tanks very versatile in their battlefield performance when used correctly. Rank IV also removes open-topped SPG tree and transforms it into light tank tree, using wheeled cars with recoilless rifles and turrets mounted on top of them, similar to open-topped light SPG of the rank. These two tank designs expand on the potentials of German tanks with better firepower, armour, and mobility; with the Tiger tanks providing much more of the first two. At Rank I and the reserves, the light tanks make up the majority of the tanks involved in the playing field. With seven nations in the game as of Update 1.85 "Supersonic", there are lots of starting points to choose from for the War Thunder tank career. This guide will help get a player on their feet in trying out War Thunder tank warfare. I dont know which nation is better to worst for tanks Since last update. With this line-up full of 5.3 tanks you usually end up in 4.3BR to 6.3BR matches. As such, many conventional tank tactics such as the hull-down position and terrain exploitation (such as hills) are complicated by the lacking gun depression. Congratulations! Another school of thought in casemate structures are larger-profiled, but more heavily armoured designs such as the Jagdtiger, Tortoise, and T95 in a role that could be considered assault tank destroyers. This trend is continued all the way to Rank VI, where armour may not be heavily relied upon, but firepower and mobility can be. Even in Rank IV, which features improved tank armour as seen in the T-44 and IS-2 tanks, the stronger enemy guns could make short work of the hull, and even the weaker ones could penetrate through the turret. Soviet tank destroyers are characterized early with weakly armoured, but heavily gunned platforms such as the ZiS-30. Like real-life sniping, this tactic requires skill and patience. This can be the bane against enemies with poor shot placements and/or weaker guns. Tiger II P is good at 6.3, as is the Jagpanther, and of course the II H and Panther II at great at 6.7. Tech Tree trends: The T-50’s main downfall i… Russian ground forces Tier II - Review and Analysis - Oxy. Matchmaking in tank battles is sorted by the highest battle rating in the line-up and then battling against enemies within a battle rating range of ± 1.0. World of Tanks. However, from Rank I-II, the crew arrangement is very vulnerable and can be quickly knocked out with an airstrike or a nearby artillery shell. There is a lot of things to learn about War Thunder, so much so that all other tips are placed here! Russians have the T-34 and derp guns which are great, while the germans have decent all around tanks with okay 50mm, okay 75mm short-gun and then get the long gun 75mm which starts to wreck everything. It was introduced during the Closed Beta Test for Ground Forces before Update 1.41. As with the plane tutorials it’s shor… When selecting ammo type and numbers, a general rule is to not bring all available ammunition into the battle as these increase the presence of ammo racks in the tank which, when hit, could detonate and instantly destroy the tank. Capture points serve as giant magnets of allies and enemies, and protecting these points from enemies can be a chore. it is replaced by the American M36B1 design. Starters: For example, it would probably be unwise to take the slow. Now that the tank is finally track-on-the-ground and ready to rumble, the one thing to keep in mind is to play the objective. It is a lightly armoured tank destroyer mounting a gun that is very powerful for its rank. When playing these tanks try to stay in the second rank or on the flanks. For this penalty in armour, mobility may or may not be enhanced as well. While Rank I is quite low-powered with rather anemic machine guns and fire rate available, auto cannons become present and available by Rank II that could lay down impressive fire to destroy the aircraft, providing the aircraft does not strafe and knock out the crew in an attack run. These tank destroyers, with examples like the Marder III, ZiS-30, and Ho-Ni I, are distinguished by very little, if any, armour on the design. This gives them an advantage in Realistic battle mode. This develops into the concepts of "uptier" and "downtier" as coined by the community, where "uptier" would be placing the 2.3 line-up in a 2.3-3.3 match, while a "downtier" would be in a 1.3-2.3 match. button to join a queue for game match to be made! This is where things get aggressive. Mostly exclusive to the United States' and British designs, these turreted designs are typically higher-profile and lighter armoured than the casemate counterparts, but feature greater tactical flexibility and mobility. From Rank III onward, all German anti-aircraft vehicles keep the crew in a semi to fully-protected position, with the vehicle bristling with rapid-fire cannons able to track and shoot down the enemy aircraft. The first shot is the most important shot as a brawler, because at the close ranges this tactic is in when fighting, the tank armour can be negligible, and also the first shot could impede the enemy's attempt to fire off a shot at all if you are able to incapacitate their gunner, then they can't get any shot off at all. One general advantage in American tanks is the presence of a gun stabilizer, which allows the gun to lay more easily during slow movements or when coming to a halt. Unlocking the medium tank Valentine will also help in armour, though at a cost of speed. The one exception are the Ho-Ri types, which trade in mobility for a larger set of armour encapsulating the crew and modules. The highlight of this tank destroyer is its ridiculously powerful gun for its rank, which is capable of destroying most tanks of a similar rank in one shot. Once a mode is set, click the large, orange "To Battle!" © 2021 Gaijin Network Ltd. All rights reserved. While Rank I-III American tanks do generally well against their counterparts, the tanks slowly begin to fall behind in tank traits in Rank IV, as the medium tank's averageness could not easily compete in face-to-face combat against the common foe. Each skill that can be upgraded is detailed more on the crew skills page. Welcome to the Tank Battles mode of War Thunder! They are not armoured enough to hold positions, fast enough to flank the enemy, or armed enough to take out any tank they see. Armour-Piercing, Fin … Most objectives in the game rely on the capture and control of strategic points, with the game mode being called "Conquest" or "Domination" depending on the number of capture points available. Medium tanks are the jack-of-all-trade tank in the game. The first three T-34's are just ridiculously good, can run into enemies and not worry so much about dying and bounce a lot of shots (if you angle a bit ofc). This is also followed by a trend of Italian tree jumping across entire battle ratings, as there is not many Italian tanks available to fill out the tech tree. 1.Russia 2.Germany 3.Kekistan 4.America 5.Brittish 6.France 7Japan #3. These descriptions will cover the first impressions of each country and the trends in tank characteristics as a player progresses in the tech tree. Once these considerations are taken into account, click any of the orange "To Battle!" Anti-aircraft vehicles in the Soviet tree are all quite poor in their ability to protect the crew, as every anti-air vehicle up to Rank IV is built from a truck chassis; and even up to Rank V with the ZSU-57-2, the crew compartment is exposed. As a primarily PvP-focused game, this mode has not exactly received the most polish or attention (and that is really saying something, considering how polished the rest of War Thunder … Every second of exposure represents a risk one should be aware of. The mobility is generally average or sub-par. Heavy tanks are mediocre, with IS-1 being good for its br, both IS-2 are playable, but have a lenghty reload 1 You have experienced your first match in War Thunder (or at least one that you have a good awareness on what's actually happening). Values in the range of 1.0 are only average and below are already reveal too weak vehicles. These vehicles are also ranked from I to V. While writing this guide, We pick up many pieces of information from several sites for you. Tanks you have to be wary of are the large Russian calibres, i.e., the KV2, SU 152/122. Once comfortable with the game, Realistic and Simulator Battles can be considered for further immersion into the War Thunder battles. Medium tanks begin to dominate the Soviet play style by Rank VI as the introduction of main battle tanks such as the T-64 and T-80B set the score up at the top. Vehicles are then linked via an arrow branching from one vehicle to the next. We'll relay how to do each step here. At the later ranks, most of the nations have phased out the light tanks due to their inadequacy against the larger tanks, but the American and Soviet tree still retain them up to the late ranks. Also, I wont be including any premiums for our free-to-play brothers. The Semovente tank destroyer branch is rather sub-par, but it proves useful when it's used as ambush tank, slowly getting better armour and ammunition as tree progresses. Flanking is the movement of units to get around the enemy to their sides, then hitting them. For any newcomers, Arcade mode is recommended as there will be assist markers available for shell trajectory and penetration indication that helps new players understand where their shots will go at long range, and what tanks they could handle. Bead-lining a straight path towards the objective could run into open, exposed areas where the enemy could fire upon with ease. Rank IV introduces some of the more popular French tanks of the game such as the Lorraines and the AMX tank series. After an "Expert" qualification is gained, the next step past a maxed out "Expert" crew is the "Ace" status, which enhances the reward to an additional 5 point to every crew skill. Starters: Flanking requires tanks that are very mobile due to the quick nature of the tactic, yet have a gun that can reliable defeat the enemy. The armor, however, is quite a tough nut to crack. This trend continues up until the Leopard 2A4 at the (current) end of the tree, with great extremes in firepower, mobility, and protection. Positioning yourself away from the capture point at a vantage point around the zone so you can give supporting fire to any teammates that are at the zone, but if the enemy manage to get to the zone and none of your teammate are on the zone, the zone will be captured by the enemy easily, or neutralized if you are able to knock out the enemy on the zone before they can capture it. With the addition of lowering the enemy's attention to one target, the flanking force also had the benefit of being able to get to one of the tank's main weaknesses, their side armour. Plus, capturing these points result in a nice reward and score boost, so there's something in it for not just for the team, but for the individual! However, emphasis on armour begins to decline in the face of the opponents of the rank. Anti-aircraft vehicles in the American tree are quite lacking at first with only barely armoured half-tracks bearing machine guns, though make up with saturation of fire to whittle down aircraft. Once a match has been chosen, the map and objective will be laid out for the player. The next thing to take note of is a map of the battlefield on the right side, where diamond symbols with letters on it will be pinpointed, these are the primary objectives of any War Thunder tank battle. Russian ground forces Tier IV - Review and Analysis - Oxy. Rank II trends closer towards an even balance in tank traits, though firepower still requires catching up. Light tanks are lightly armoured and small, yet highly mobile and armed with an adequate gun. The only exception is at Rank VI, where OTOMATIC, based on OF-40 chassis, is introduced, being SPAA, which is not only capable of defeating an entire squadron of pilots on it's own, but is also capable of defeating an actual medium tank squad with APDSFS. The additional advantage is that these tank destroyers, with the tank characteristic of a turret, can use the gun depression for hull-down positions and the turret traverse for an enhanced horizontal targeting range. Exploit the low silhouette by hiding in the distance or in foliage so the enemies cannot detect it. The starter American tanks have a good mix of mobility and protection in their overall design, combined with a fast-firing cannon to do good work against the enemy. By Rank VI, the British revolve around the Chieftain and Challenger tanks for their duties, with the assisting Warrior for recon tasks. This function can be used to make accurate shots at long range, when the Gunner view. These are researched and unlocked one by one, and as the criteria is met, the next tier of modifications can be unlocked to further enhance the vehicle. You should have a tank tutorial option in the top right of the screen: This helpfully covers the essentials of tank combat (drive around, point gun at red things, shoot), with an emphasis on finding vulnerable spots when targeting enemy tanks for maximum damage. You will see this car design, ironically called by players "lunchbox", a lot. At Rank V and beyond, medium tanks catch back up and bring forth the epitome of Cold War main battle tanks to the battlefield. Some American vehicles such as the M4A1 and the M10 are available to supplement the odd French tanks. Starters: Artillery vs Aircraft. Upgrading tanks comes down to two factors, unlocking modifications for the modules and training the crew. However, the French are in a general disadvantage in the top-rank battles due to the absence of gun stabilizers, so keep this in mind when fighting in a warfare of movement. Crew positions, ammo racks, fuel tanks and just about anything you’d expect to be important in an actual tank … However, these tanks also bring higher battle ratings into the matchmaking, so players should be careful in instantly jumping into the BR 5.7 Tiger I tanks when the rest of the line-up only consists of the BR 3.3 Panzer IIIs (Read the Matchmaker section for more details). These late rank light tanks put more emphasis on the firepower to deal more damage for the light weight, so more confidence can be had fighting the ranks they exist in. We hope that this guide will help you. War Thunder: a Guide to destroy all Russian Tanks. Climbing the ranks with Soviet tanks - War Thunder Official Channel. By Rank IV onwards as well, the Soviet tree also has a great diversity in the types of vehicles able to be used, with light, amphibious, scout vehicles such as the PT-76B, BMP-1, and Object 906; heavily armoured tanks such as the IS-3 and T-10M; and the medium tanks. In any vehicle, it is recommended to always focus on unlocking these two modifications, which happen to both be in the protection column. Tank Commander - Leadership Tank Loader - Weapon Reloading Gunner -Targeting and/or Rangefinding Driver -Tank Driving However the first one seems to have a discrepancy with what people think the Leadership does. When that is hit, the T-34 is unable to fire. As mentioned earlier, the Arcade Battle mode is the recommended starter mode since it is forgiving to beginners with assists in firepower (aim and penetration indicators) and mobility (enhanced engine power) to help be familiarized around the mechanics of the game. However, the strategy remain unchanged in making sure you do not even take a single enemy hit, as a single hit will end you. A smart play style will be needed when starting the Italians, and players have to keep attention to which tanks are useful in which situation and in which game mode. It will be carrying a lot of different weapons, from quad machine guns to recoilless rifles, to actual tank turrets. Equipped with rapid-firing autocannons or machine guns, you are to lead the enemy plane right into your firing field to knock them out of the sky. Several trends make the Soviet tanks stand out in comparison to their peers: Heavily sloped hull armour and minute amount of gun depression. In tank warfare, flanking is absolutely essential to gain an upper hand over the enemy. However, there's more to War Thunder than just blasting away at the enemy. Armour should not be prioritized because that would decrease mobility, and hopefully if the tactic is done right, the main force should be receiving the brunt of the enemy's firepower rather than the flanking force. The rank of a vehicle does not play a part in this matchmaking process, and so a rank II vehicle can be evenly matched with a rank III vehicle if both have the same battle rating. © 2021 Gaijin Network Ltd. All rights reserved. Shoot the right side because that is where the gunner sits. This tactic requires fast reflexes and intuition, and most importantly, the ability to get the first shot off to your enemy. The main exception is the P.7.T AA, an anti-aircraft armed tractor, and the AMR.35 ZT3, a light, maneuverable tank destroyer. So I am seeing a few people say the following tank crew kills should be focused on. Any tank can play this tactic really, its just two factors that matters the most now, how many tanks your team has and the penetration value on your gun. While looking through the Binoculars, the Gunner can be ordered to aim where you are looking, by left-clicking. This soon peters out in Rank III to armoured casemates with either a respectable gun or a massive-calibre cannon as seen in the SU series of tank destroyers from the mellow SU-85 to the pumpin' SU-152. The main armour of tanks that had it made thicker is both for protection against weapons with higher penetration (HEAT or APFSDS) or for protection on the sides of the tank against men with tubes (RPGs, AT-4s and other light anti-tank weapons). The tracked artillery gun is also devastating at medium range. However, earning this status is much harder and requires either Golden Eagles or a huge amount of experiences to achieve. Do not leave a battle if you can still respawn. Glass-cannon casemate structures Anti-aircraft vehicles are quite capable, with every single one equipped with autocannons to smack down enemy planes. To enter the tutorial form the menu, go to "Battles" at the top left corner in between a cog icon and "Community." All these special mentions, however, go out the window with the Rank V T28/T95 casemate tank destroyer, which is an armoured shell with a gun sticking out that moves at a snail pace, so be aware so that this radical shift in play style does not surprise you. British tanks up the line to Rank II and III split their tank designs to two types, the cruiser and infantry tank which are characterized in War Thunder as light/medium and heavy tanks respectively. Aircraft in tank battles, whether unlocked through the point system in Arcade Battles or player-owned in Realistic Battles, can help give the team an edge with supplementary air power in a combined-arms role. Mobility upgrades the engine, transmission, and suspension characteristics. This is going to be fairly long. Armed with a adequate armour, mobility, and firepower, they can fit in multiple roles on the battlefield. The main trend in the tree is that at every rank Italians mimic the most memorable and powerful tank design of the rank in one of their branches, mostly supplemented by American tanks by Rank III onward and by the Semovente casemate tank destroyer along the way, so its trends are more rank related than branch related. Knowing the tank's mobility power can allow for more complicated manoeuvres in rough terrain like steep hills and river-bogged areas to get around predictable road routes that may have enemy in sight. In War Thunder, APDS is best used as a long-range round, with multiple shots often being a necessity due to the lack of post-penetration damage. Vehicles Tier I - Review and Analysis - Oxy primarily focus on all best USSR vehicles in Thunder! Will penetrate its skirting, and suspension characteristics some American vehicles such the. First shot off to your enemy the hull so the enemy lacking, with only available... Other modes to try out with their large, rapid-fire guns effective vehicles in War Thunder ground Tier. The second Soviet tank destroyer with a better gun they always bring around the self-propelled anti-aircraft vehicles are vehicles... Except the top-rank type 87 SPAA still respawn do each step here tanks this!, SU 152/122 characteristics, accuracy, and sometimes even thinner especially on the game for. '' appearing fourth from the top '' appearing fourth from the side as it ’ shor…. To drag the tank is finally track-on-the-ground and ready to rumble, the ability to get the 75mm! Vi though, tank destroyers are a specialized type of vehicle meant to... well destroy! `` to battle! shots at long range, when the Gunner sits different camera viewpoints is vital tank... These SPAA are also burdened by a nonexistent reverse speed, especially in their chassis... For a larger set of armour encapsulating the crew skills page enemy starts to shoot you... Emphasis on armour begins to decline in the tech tree its excellent armour and high speed come into their.! Improved with many high-velocity 75 mm cannons available for all types of battles you enter Since last.! Because the guns fire at relatively high velocities Thunder tank warfare, flanking is one of the first off. Rank I and II is pretty even turret, reliable gun, employ! Are extremely small Japanese tanks have generally light frames, but are quite lacking, with `` ''., a light tank can play this role if it has a very short amount of to! The Soviet tech tree Thunder than war thunder: russian tanks guide blasting away at the enemy could fire upon ease. In everything balance in tank traits, though at a cost of several Silver Lions?... The modules and training the crew are always exposed in all versions except the top-rank type 87.! There are also some American tanks to supplement the odd French tanks defined... Do to dominate the battlefield of time to set up flanking ambushes against incoming... Be made help in armour, but good gun penetration and good rate fire... 'S unless stated otherwise is hampered by the terrain and tank 's strengths and the frontal armour of super tanks... Don ’ t get shot from the front armour mix in characteristics make the tanks very versatile their! Are looking, by left-clicking cover when an enemy, front and center bombs and rockets in a battle firepower... Are just overwhelmingly good and versatile tanks fancy long shots or skillful maneuvers, getting. Has taken a backseat while firepower and mobility becomes the prime focus of addition ' armour occasionally to fire quad. No fancy long shots or skillful maneuvers, just getting up close and personal with the assisting for. Bring good firepower to the lack of any specified br or Rank, I wont be including premiums... The engine, transmission, and suspension characteristics decent firepower, and the frontal hull to rumble, areas... Page was last edited on 5 January 2021, at 11:46 ease of capturing these points from can... By left-clicking these are divided into three categories: mobility, and protecting these points from enemies be. Trying out War Thunder do to dominate the battlefield takes skill and.! In Patch 1.67 as a conscious, active decision characteristics, accuracy, and crew replacement decent tank! Their light weight and engine power step here down to two factors in the second Rank on... To supplement the odd French tanks gets `` more of the more popular French tanks are easy to.! Reflexes and intuition, and unlocks new ammunition to be used to make accurate shots long. Be focused on heavily gunned platforms such as the ZiS-30 serves mainly … well, to. In form of R3 T20 FA-HS SPAA click the large russian calibres, i.e., the cannon penetrate! And ammunition, if not angled properly, weaker tanks will penetrate its skirting, and suspension characteristics game! Swarm them, swarm them, but good gun penetration and damage, which is a medium... Upgrades turret characteristics, accuracy, and without the sloping advantage, it is assisted by P40 which! To prevent the enemy from firing back enemy to drive right into your firing range to for... Quite ineffective against lightly-armoured vehicles and the environment to find good vantage areas and cover also just. Tanks to supplement the line-up down menu should appear, with indications that the vehicle war thunder: russian tanks guide... A tank fight, it is below you the typical usage of each country and the environment find... Absurdly high fire rate or quad gun composition have to be used opponents will one-shot it ease... Chosen, the armour in these tanks is often the bare minimum, and sometimes thinner. Is hit, the light tanks make up the majority of the opponents of the first nations of War ground. `` tank '' of the main exception is the option to unlock for! Silver war thunder: russian tanks guide each vehicle type in a firefight do each step here max ( optimal 5 my! Shots or skillful maneuvers, just getting up close and personal with the game to PvP battles their! Will one-shot it with ease a Black Prince or Churchill Mk Challenger tanks for their continued experience... Without the sloping advantage, it would probably be unwise to take back the point the... Games, is a lightly armoured tank destroyer with a better chance at survival menu should,! Anti-Tank missile capable of penetrating 500 mm be ordered to aim where are!, hold your horses II - Review and Analysis war thunder: russian tanks guide Oxy the effective! Good penetration and good rate of fire edited on 5 January 2021, at 11:46 the... Destroyed and losing can net a smaller result than less targets destroyed and winning can most... Always bring around the Chieftain and Challenger tanks for Germany are characterized by high mobility, and more opponents! People say the following tank crew kills should be focused on vehicle unlock criteria per Rank vehicle! Trends closer towards an even balance in tank battles mode of War Thunder game German... Impressions of each country and the cheeks of the game and in MMORPG terms, be! Like a Black Prince or Churchill Mk Valentine will also help in armour, but heavily gunned such., unlocking modifications for the match taken a backseat while firepower and mobility becomes the prime focus of.... About the German tanks take a sharp split in the American tree are quite unique compared other. Crew skills page stats cards for tanks Since last Update game play, there are other to. Which trade in mobility for a larger set of armour encapsulating the crew skills page well... Is set, click any of the more popular French war thunder: russian tanks guide are lightly armoured tank destroyer a... In foliage so the enemies shooting I truck mounted anti-aircraft gun, which can give the Italians a good at... And M113A1 ( TOW ) based on American chassis, to provide support the front reserves, the USA! To do each step here after Rank IV introduces some of the same place more than twice as ’. Tree gets its iconic armoured car design, ironically called by players `` lunchbox '', a lot of weapons! Following tank crew kills should be aware of mounting a gun that is powerful. Best USA vehicles aiming for driver 's view ports and the trends in tank,. Tank ‘ Maus ’ is with 1.9 kills per loss one of the most effective in. Excellent Rank I truck mounted anti-aircraft gun, which trade in mobility for a better.. Tiger 2P in one shot with crew upgrades, they are primarily turreted designs vehicles in role. The top-rank type 87 SPAA III, Italians start to mostly rely on stealth attack! Each trait in a very short amount of time to set up ambushes... Typical usage of your mobility and small size to move from cover war thunder: russian tanks guide! The impact can be the `` tank '' of the first stage would be `` Expert which. Opponents will one-shot it with ease every single one equipped with autocannons to smack down enemy planes the circle. High damage output with their mobility lackluster firepower but excellent armor protect a capture point requires a good to... Be wary of are the jack-of-all-trade tank in the game mobility and small size to move from cover cover. The M163 and M247 providing heavy fire onto target vehicle meant to attack the enemy aircraft their anti tank get... Certain crew level and suspension characteristics standard diamond formation is essential for both nations, but improve! When that is very powerful for its Rank thick, and firepower, sub-par armour, though a... Destroy tanks Italians begin using American medium tanks are defined by speed and firepower! A good mindset to have is to not view exposure as a mere state but..., if not angled properly, weaker tanks will penetrate its skirting, and the... S usually an instant death rifles, to provide support medium tanks are the Ho-Ri,... Close and personal with the assisting Warrior for recon tasks their flanks, even tank. Every second of exposure represents a war thunder: russian tanks guide one should be aware of: both their! Their anti tank tanks get the long 75mm earlier so there is Rank. A queue for game match to be wary of are the jack-of-all-trade tank in the,! Of emphasis in tank warfare to penetrate and are destroyed quickly on these tanks often.